Angular JS native tree control
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Angular Tree Controll

Pure AngularJS based tree control component.


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Why yet another tree control

We have tried a number of tree controls built for angular and experience a of issues with each. As a result we decided to build a new tree control with the following design guidelines

  • Isolated scope - the tree control should not pollute the scope it is rendered at
  • Does not change the tree data - some tree implementations mark on the tree data the selection and expansion of nodes
  • Allows customization of the tree node label using the angular way - as an angular template
  • Supports large trees with minimal overhead
  • Reacts to changes in the tree data, updating the tree as required
  • Supports css styling, with three built in styles


  • Data binding for the tree model
  • Data binding for the selected node in the tree
  • Does not pollute the tree model with tree state (expansion, selection)
  • Angular Templates for the node labels
  • Events for tree node expansion and selection
  • 3 built in styles
  • Can be customized with CSS, with the ability to inject CSS classes into specific locations on the tree DOM
  • Many other customization options, including equality function, children property name, nodes ordering, expansion target area, etc.
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