Validates the form on form submission (setting the right classes and properties)
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Validates the form on form submission. It will set the classes and properties that would normally be set when a field is validated by angular.


This directive based on the normal HTML <form> element. No need to add an attribute, use a special tag or class. Just make sure the directive is loaded and it will attach to all <form>s.

<form name="myForm" ng-submit="myFormHandler" novalidate="novalidate"> <input ng-model="myVar" required="required"> <input type="submit" value="Go!"> </form>

novalidate will disable the browser’s native validation, you probably don't want the native validation to happen.

Note: This does NOT prevent the submission of the form if it is invalid! You should use ng-submit and provide a handler to check if the form is valid. This only runs the “standard angular validation” to provide “standard angular form markup” and makes no assumptions after that.

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