It's a angular directive for bootstrap dropdown and multi-select
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It's a angular directive for bootstrap dropdown

angular-bootstrap-dropdown dependencies on AngularJS 1.2.x and Bootstrap 3


0.1.0 support basic function in bsDropdown, include use ng-model to set default value, and ng-change to listen change

0.1.1(latest) add bootstrap divider in bsDropdown


Include the angular-bootstrap-dropdown library to your html page
<script src="bsDropdown.min.js"></script> The bsDropdown.min.js is in the dist folder. In the next, include the to your angular module dependencies
angular.module("demoApp", ['']) Then, you can go to use the angular-bootstrap-dropdown
Use bs-dropdown-display attribute to display default text on dropdown if there is no any default value selected
Use bs-dropdown-items attribute to specify the dropdown options
Use ng-model to set the default selected value
Use ng-change to listen up the change event on dropdown
Use bs-dropdown-divider to specify the divider, for example bs-dropdown-divider="{{[2,5]}}".
Use bs-dropdown-multi to specify bsDropdown to be a multi-select dropdown.

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