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Simple module to integrate Youtube Player (API) with AngularJS

Implementing the YouTube API with AngularJS

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AngularJS YouTube embed directive

Save data, conditionally load youtube videos.

Embed a YouTube player with a simple directive

Services and directives for embeding everything with angular and

angular directive to get video previews (youtube, vimeo, ecc.)

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A directive that takes in a vimeo or a youtube url and converts it into an embedded friendly url and the displays it.

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An AngularJS directive for converting text emojis into image-based emoticons, also supporting automatic multimedia link embedding

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Angular directive which brings life to your boring texts/comments that includes social media links.

An Angular.js YouTube video background player directive that stresses simplicity and performance.

Youtube videos with custom configurable controls for Angular.js

AngularJS Module to embed Youtube videos. Superlight (less than 2KB) and easy to use! Support for Youtube player parameters. No 3rd party JS dependencies.

A video library widget for AngulrJS

AngularJS Factory for Youtube JSON REST API requests

Angular Fotorama for showing image and videos(sample video, youtube video, vimeo video) all in one

Youtube iframe plugin for angular2 latest version 2.0.0, youtube bar just like soundcloud.