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Simple module to integrate Youtube Player (API) with AngularJS

Implementing the YouTube API with AngularJS

Save data, conditionally load youtube videos.

Embed a YouTube player with a simple directive

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Modularised ~13KB HTML5 audio/video implementation using Angular.js

angular directive to get video previews (youtube, vimeo, ecc.)

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A directive that takes in a vimeo or a youtube url and converts it into an embedded friendly url and the displays it.

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Make your HTML5 video behave like a background cover image with this lightweight Angular directive

Angular Carousel - This is the BEST Angular Carousel on the Web -- Try It and See for Yourself

An Angular.js YouTube video background player directive that stresses simplicity and performance.

An angular js directive for video.js

Angular Shopping Cart - Full Featured, Responsive & Includes Editor

Angular Editor for Angular Shopping Cart

Angular Fotorama for showing image and videos(sample video, youtube video, vimeo video) all in one