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Directives specific to twitter bootstrap

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AngularUI - The companion suite for AngularJS

An angular accordion which auto stretches to its container height and width while debouncing height recalculation on resize. Works in modern browsers and IE9+.

An angular directive for a table with a 100% declarative dsl.

Angular provider for slim loading bar at the top of the page ( inspired by )

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Make your forms beautiful

Make your forms beautiful

AngularJS sliding panel for serving additional content

An AngularJS module for navigation highlighting

An AngularJS <span> injector for radical Web Typography

An AngularJS directive for inflating web type

Implementing the YouTube API with AngularJS

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a simple multiple panes splitter directive for angular.js

Maintain the overall document flow while extracting the nodes children for rewrapping

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AngularJS directive that works like ng-model but saves changes only when form is submitted.

Dashboard framework with Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome

An AngularJS module for reacting to when your app is busy.

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the angular-kudos directive is a svbtle-style kudos implementation with AngularJS, this repo is an example of how it could be used with Firebase

Mobile Angular UI with Bootstrap 3

Pure AngularJS widgets

An implementation for browsing with Miller columns in AngularJS