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An AngularJS Directive for BootStrap Typeahead - WIP

Am angularjs directive wrapper for Twitter Bootstrap's typeahead plugin

A simple directive for AngularJS and Twitter's Typeahead with Bootstrap 2/3 RC1

Pure AngularJS tagging widget with typeahead support courtesy of ui-bootstrap

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Very barebone angular typeahead module. Creates an autocomplete for input fields

A fork of Daryl Rowland's angucomplete ( with some extra features.

a angularjs directive for github-like autocomplete

Enhanced search input with 'placeholder animation' and categorized suggestions for AngularJS. There is no jQuery dependency, just pure angularJS.

Tags input with help of AngularJs typeahead and Twitter Bootstrap

AngularJS directive to display suggestions while typing into text input.

AngularJS directive combining UI Bootstrap's Typeahead component with a dropdown component.

Full-functional autocomplete (typeahead alternative) AngularJS directive

Directive for angularjs to add auto complete function in input text fields using devbridge/jQuery-Autocomplete

Typeahead using AngularJS.. Using Directive Approach.

Angular autocomplete directive using bonanza

Dropdown directive for AngularJS: Includes server side pagination & search records.

A native AngularJS directive that transform a simple <select> box into a full html select with typeahead.