Modules Tagged with "text"

An AngularJS <span> injector for radical Web Typography

Simple directive for truncating text in AngularJS apps and toggling the hidden parts of the truncated texts.

ng-annotate-text is a library to annotate texts in AngularJS.

Angular.js bindings for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.

ng-fi-text makes any text fits any box of any size in any (angular) website.

String truncation, which let's you see the beginning and the ending of a truncated string.

Angular component for input fields based on a configurable mask

A module angular that adds color to text or to background of a HTML Item through its inside text. Demo and Documentation:

Text Input Effects Angular Directives

Angular directive to stop text wrapping a single word to a new line (widows)

AngularJS Wrapper for jQuery balance-text for implementing balancing of wrapping text in a web page

Collapsing and expanding long blocks of text / HTML content with "Read more"

When a user is typing on an input the function you indicate run after some delay the user has stopped typing.