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Slider directive implementation for AngularJS, without jQuery dependencies

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The slideshow on AngularJS for cycling through elements like a carousel (CSS3)

Simple angular directive for jquery nouislider plugin

A lightweight, responsive image slider/carousel which is mostly CSS

An AngularJS directive providing a simple slider functionality

angular slider directive for every content include html. work with ng repeat

Angular progress slider directive

A multi-range slider directive for AngularJS

Multi-handle range slider utilising the native HTML5 input range elements.

Slider directive for AngularJS. No dependencies and mobile friendly.

Angular Slidezilla is a pure angular slider directive which makes it incredibly simple to have reliable sliders in angular.

Angular cycle gallery - responsive, touch gallery with animation for AngularJS without shit

Angular port of circular slider which helps to slide range of values and images. It supports half(top/bottom/up/down) and full circle shapes

Mimicks the functionality of UIPageViewController in pure HTML for mobile web apps with Angular 2

An AngularJS wrapper for the noUiSlider range slider with minimal overhead.