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AngularJS module to parse range selection strings from user input

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Backbone services for Angular

Asynchronous queue for AngularJS

A very simple notification module for AngularJS

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Simple AngularJS dialog window module

Google Analytics tracking for your AngularJS apps

AngularJS Resource Localization Service

Modals and popups provider for Angular.js applications

Angular toolbox for brewing beer

A fully automatic loading / progress bar for your angular apps.

A bower package repository for an angularjs module wrapper for pouchdb

Application Busy Service for AngularJs

Angular Module to access to the Bandcamp API

Pretty simple phery.js AJAX service for AngularJS that mimics $resource

The solution to tracking page views and events in a SPA with AngularJS

Bring Apache Cordova Geolocation API to AngularJS Apps...

Bring Apache Cordova Vibration API to AngularJS Apps...

Backbone-like collections for AngularJS resources

An angular.js service that gives you a table based localStorage API.

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An easy to use angularJS modal directive & service

An Angular module for easily synchronizing models to applications

simple google analytics service for angular application

AngularJS module for showing off your public stackoverflow activity.

AngularJS module for showing off your public Github activity.

Google Universal Analytics adapter for AngularJS

Bring Apache Cordova Accelerometer API to AngularJS Mobile Apps...

node-webkit's file dialogs wrapper for AngularJS

An angular navigation service for mobile applications

in angular execute only the last promise

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AngularJS bindings for GoInstant. Build realtime, multi-user apps with AngularJS and GoInstant easily.

An Angular module that gives you access to the browsers local storage

Simple service for redirecting by controller name, with exact parameters binding.

Configuration-centric keyboard shortcuts for your Angular apps.

Responding to idle users in AngularJS applications.

A pure-javascript library and set of directives to scroll smoothly to an element with easing.

Bring Apache Cordova Device API to AngularJS Mobile Apps...

a notification module for angularjs

Bring Apache Cordova Notification API to AngularJS Mobile Apps...

Angular dialog module for Bootstrap 3 modals support. Custom modals with optional controllers. Dialog Service.

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AngularUI - The companion suite for AngularJS

Predefined dialog/modal services using Angular-UI and Bootstrap. Predefined dialogs include "error","wait","notify" & "confirm" come with their own templates and controllers.

AngularJS module to manage HTTP Digest Authentication

This is a simple module for AngularJS that provides the ability to have route-specific CSS stylesheets, by integrating with Angular's built-in $routeProvider service.

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Bootstrap3 modal service with responsive and more feature

Identity map implementation for AngularJS. Provides easy integration with Restangular.

An elegant but advanced AngularJS module that allows you to block user interaction on AJAX requests.

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Angular facebook service