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Directive to use a jQuery tags input plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap.

Dropdown directives for AngularJS.

Dropdown List Component for AngularJS

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An angular select directive

Date input with individual select fields date, month & year

A multi-select directive for AngularJS

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Directive to support single- and multi-selects with high usability

Pure AngularJS directive which creates a dropdown button with multiple or single selections. Doesn't require jQuery and works well with other Javascript libraries. Fully configurable through element attributes and CSS.

A directive to use jquery-option-tree with AngularJS.

Linked select for Angular.js

angular-bootstrap-select - Directive to wrap bootstrap-select. This directive aims to proxy the behavior of the plugin bootstrap-select, in the AngularJS style, see the documentation on the plugin page.

Angular.js directive for selecting text content on click.

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Angular Based Visually Customisable Select Input

A multiselect dropdown list for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

Angular Chips directive following Google Material Design guidelines

It's a angular directive for bootstrap dropdown and multi-select

Angular directive which combines a select element with a text input.

An angular wrapper for select2 version 4

A native AngularJS directive that transform a simple <select> box into a full html select with typeahead.