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Virtual Scrolling alternative to ngRepeat

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AngularJS Module that enables iScroll 4.x to Bind Correctly

Momentum scroll for AngularJS based on iScroll

Simple AngularJS scroll-to directive

Want to scroll in an AngularJS app using gyroscope? Check it.

A simple scrollTo directive using $anchorScroll. The directive also catches the locationChangeStart event thus preventing a page reload.

An AngularJS module for navigation highlighting

Angular directive to scroll to element by selector.

A simple angular infinite scroll directive for the current element

A pure-javascript library and set of directives to scroll smoothly to an element with easing.

attach an handler to an element when scrolled near its end

Virtual Scroll for AngularJS ngRepeat directive

Angular directive for auto section loading with scroll event.

A set of useful directives for building single page applications with AngularJS

Keyboard behavior for AngularJS Webapps

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Custom scrollbars written in plain JS, with jQuery and Angular wrappers featuring resize detection, mousewheel, touch and keyboard support

directive designed to trigger animations based on scroll position

An Angular directive to dynamically scroll to any element on your page