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An angular accordion which auto stretches to its container height and width while debouncing height recalculation on resize. Works in modern browsers and IE9+.

An angular directive for a table with a 100% declarative dsl.

An angular filter that uses window.matchMedia to allow filtering data on specific media query matches

AngularJS directive that set breakpoints for responsive designed websites

vertically and horizontally positioned overlay container directive

AngularJS directive to make Bootstrap responsive layouts easier to write

A lightweight masonry-like, responsive grid for AngularJS.

Functions to help determine screen size for responsive web apps

Very lightweight Masonry Absolute Div Stack Generation(images height being returned from server)

No need to know images height or wait for all images to load, this genrates layout image by image

Idiot-proof tab panes with route support using Angular.js + Bootstrap 3 + UI Router

An angular module for a data grid with sorting, filtering and resizable columns

An AngularJS Directive that sets up a fullscreen gallery with all of your pictures.

Responsive bootstrap directive for faster mobile-friendly development

An Angular.JS directive that generates a responsive, data-driven vertical timeline to tell a story, show history or describe a sequence of events.

Directives used to display responsive images within a given aspect ratio.

Angular Carousel - This is the BEST Angular Carousel on the Web -- Try It and See for Yourself

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Angular directive to remove elements based on media query match

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AngularJS responsive navigation bar with recursive menu and submenu construction defined in json object

Angular Shopping Cart - Full Featured, Responsive & Includes Editor

Creating bootstrap grid (rows and columns) for angular ng-repeat