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Provides a cancel method on promises created by the angular $q service.

in angular execute only the last promise

This is an Angular module which helps with RESTful data

Extends the Angular.JS promise API with useful methods

an Angular wrapper around the FileReader API

Adds .update and .mistake method to promises returned by $q service

Enhanced support for displaying messages depending on some promise within template for AngularJS.

Simple angular directive for button showing progress and result of promise (eg resource request call)

Angular Stripe.js service that returns promises for token calls

Per-scope promise proxy for Angular

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Promise is a simple wrapper around the $http service that uses the promise interface.

A collection of promise-aware Angular.js directives and UI elements

Angular2 async pipe implemented as Angular 1 filter to handle promises & RxJS observables

A service and directive to show "Loading..." overlays on async operations.

UI Router (1.*) extension to load route-specific, promised based CSS files