Modules Tagged with "progress"

Angular provider for slim loading bar at the top of the page ( inspired by )

A fully automatic loading / progress bar for your angular apps.

RubyGem/Javascript to track HTTP Progress and use spinner and progress indicators.

AngularJS directive for displaying a circular progress meter.

An elegant but advanced AngularJS module that allows you to block user interaction on AJAX requests.

Angular progress slider directive

Multi-purpose page-load/progress bar directive you can use to display progress or completion.

A modal with progression bar that fills up with known duration.

Flexible progress bars for Angular.js

AngularJS module that uses SVG to create a circular progressar

AngularJS pressable button with a busy indicator

angular-tek-progress-bar is an AngularJS module to create and controls progress bar.

A thin wrapper around Angular 2+ Http service that adds ability to work with upload/download progress