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AngularJS Pagination Module

Pagination for AngularJS made simple.

Lets you declare sortable, pageable tables with minimal effort while providing high flexibilty.

À la carte server-side pagination

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A lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of reusable UI components for AngularJS. Directive : Table, Table server side. Filter : Range.

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An Angular Module for grids and tables. Its very explicit and doesn't do any magic at all.

Directive based pagination in angular js

angular pagination example with out using any pagination directives

A place where I will collect useful re-usable Angular components that I make

Dropdown directive for AngularJS: Includes server side pagination & search records.

Pagination for Angular2

Angular Material Design Pagination

pagination directive for angular (1.x.x)

Mimicks the functionality of UIPageViewController in pure HTML for mobile web apps with Angular 2