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AngularJS module that enable easy parameter extraction from Url by converting it to js Object

The simplest localStorage implementation you will ever use.

Store and retrieve object data from your browser's localStorage.

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Load modules on demand (lazy load) in AngularJS

AngularJS module for validating credit cards

An angular extension for module scaffolding

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A simple, lightweight module for displaying notifications in your AngularJS app.

An AngularJS dynamic tree, right click, drag and drop, JSON driven directive

Angular JS Instagram Module and Directive

An Angular wrapper for Underscore

Just a better way to test AngularJS apps.

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Angularjs advanced dropdown

AngularJS module that collects all your $log and $exceptionHandler messages into a service for later inspection

AngularJS multi-level accordion component.

Simple, flexible and beautiful modal dialogs in AngularJS.

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Provides modular file structure with module auto-loading capabilities for AngularJS applications.

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Allows to set and update the page title from a route, controller and a template.

Provides the core of the authentication mechanism for AngularJS applications.

AngularJS service wrapper for SingalR Hubs

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Angular CSS3 animation directives (ngfx-bounce, ngfx-shake, ngfx-flip, ngfx-pulse and more ...)

An AngularJS module to protect window.console method calls when console is not defined on IE unless the Development Tools are open