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Bootstrap3 modal service with responsive and more feature

A complete AngularJS service with controllers and templates for generating application modals and dialogs for use with Angular-UI-Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap

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Modals and popups provider for Angular.js applications

Angular dialog module for Bootstrap 3 modals support. Custom modals with optional controllers. Dialog Service.

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An easy to use angularJS modal directive & service

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Angular bootstrap confirm dialog

Angular service to easily display input prompts and confirmation modals.

Lightweight Angularjs directive designed to be dropped into a project and used easily and quickly with no dependencies other than angularjs. Tested using jasmine and protractor and built with gulpjs. Distributed through the bower package manager.

A collection of common Bootstrap modal dialogs for AngularJS

angular-fancy-modal - the definitive modal/popup/dialog solution for AngularJS.

angular-my-modal provides a reusable way to do modals in AngularJS using ui.bootstrap

Simple, flexible and beautiful modal dialogs in AngularJS.

Purposed modal for AngularJS

Tab trap for Angular

Modal service that allows passing of controller and locals in Ionic.

Simplified data collection and modification using bootstrap and angular

Simple animated AngularJS modal dialogs using animate.css

This module offers the possibility to generate and open multiple modals in a row. Based on bootstrap but with the possibility to change the complete html behind.