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An AngularJS module that provides a slide out menu for your application.

Dropdown directives for AngularJS.

AngularJS Directive to make Slide and Push menus. Based in

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Implement a wheel menu for mobile devices with this angular directive

Probably the most opinionated framework in the world

easily add an off-canvas navigation to your angular app

Reponsive tab menu that gracefully overflows into a dropdown.

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Off canvas side menu to use with ui-bootstrap.

Handcraft your very own context menus for a richer UX!

Material design floating button menu implementation for Angularjs.

Component AngularJS to create a menu in right side of page.

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ngDropover is an Angular 1.x directive that is a feature-rich, event-driven solution for dropdowns, popovers, tooltips, or any other time you need a trigger or triggers to hide-show elements. The only dependency is AngularJS and your imaaginaaaationnnn!

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AngularJS 1.x dropmenu helper directives

Navigation directive for Router-UI with level limit, dependencies etc.

The module consists of tabNavBar in a directive which aims to facilitate navigation menu creation for hybrid applications developed with IONIC FRAMEWORK.