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Application Busy Service for AngularJs

Angular provider for slim loading bar at the top of the page ( inspired by )

A fully automatic loading / progress bar for your angular apps.

An AngularJS module for reacting to when your app is busy.

Utility to work with loading images, has fallback-src to handle erros in image loading and loading-src for images loading placeholders

angular.lazy.load.js - Lazy Load plugin for Angular.js

Angular directive for ajax loading indicator. This directive uses Detects any ajax request and shows the spinner.

An elegant but advanced AngularJS module that allows you to block user interaction on AJAX requests.

Multi-purpose page-load/progress bar directive you can use to display progress or completion.

Flexible progress bars for Angular.js

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AngularJS loading indicator directives

AngularJS directive that automatically shows a message or template while a value is loaded asynchronously.

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Loading animation for AngularJS