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A set of placeholder directives & services for use during development of AngularJS apps.

Creates a field for annotating, highlighting or drawing over an image. The annotations are saved in the model as a Base64 encoded string.

This is a image editor for angular.It can cut image.

Utility to work with loading images, has fallback-src to handle erros in image loading and loading-src for images loading placeholders

An AngularJS replacement for jQuery img preload.

Native AngularJs Directive that provide image hover zoom feature

A touch-compatible image cropper, allowing you to drag, zoom and crop images before uploading them to the server.

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Image Crop directive for AngularJS

An easy to use grid repeating module with opening panel.

A simple and embeddable Angular JS image re-sizing service.

Loading responsive image when container (which is preventing reflow) is in view.