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AngularJS service for handling HTTP authentication and request queuing.

AngularJS $http compatible factory which can provide a fallback for failing GET requests

An angularjs module that is able to limit requests at the same time.

Data store for Angular.js.

Support input[type="file"] with ng-model and transparently submit with HTML5 FormData

A lightweight HTTP interceptor for AngularJS to slow down HTTP responses

Send AngularJS log messages and exceptions to your server side log. Log AJAX timeouts, errors and slow responses.

RubyGem/Javascript to track HTTP Progress and use spinner and progress indicators.

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A simple user auth HTTP interceptor for Angularjs.

angular component to record call number execute with $http

Disable HTTP request caching! Necessary for old web browsers that aggressively cache AJAX requests (e.g. IE8).

An AngularJS wrapper module for oboe.js.

This module converts request parameters to the odata format.

A Backend less http requests faker useful to be injected in plunker or jsfiddle projects.

AngularJS directive that automatically shows a message or template while a value is loaded asynchronously.

Do CRUD operations on a collection of objects through an API while maintaining a consistent local cache.

Simulates the result of a request from the $http AngularJS

Per-scope promise proxy for Angular

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Promise is a simple wrapper around the $http service that uses the promise interface.

Angular module can help you mock delayed http responses via $httpBackend in ngMockE2E

AngularJS Async Ajax Request Wrapper

Angular constant for http status codes

Angular2 HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built with TypeScript.

A mock HTTP server for angular2 that runs in the browser. Front-end dev when the backend is missing.

Angular $http service extend and directive to automaticly show loader when ajax request is pending.

A thin wrapper around Angular 2+ Http service that adds ability to work with upload/download progress