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A two step upload directive for Angular JS.

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AngularJS directive that works like ng-model but saves changes only when form is submitted.

AngularJS form validation directive

You can add validator methods in config module or anonymous function

JavaScript powered forms for AngularJS

Validates the form on form submission (setting the right classes and properties)

Support input[type="file"] with ng-model and transparently submit with HTML5 FormData

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Pure AngularJS widgets

AngularJS directive to auto save form data with Restangular

A directive to use jquery-option-tree with AngularJS.

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AngularJS directives without any 3rd party JS dependencies

AngularJS directive to enable support for date input type

AngularJS directive for persisting models in the sessionStorage and restore them on page reload.

A checkbox for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

Probably the most opinionated framework in the world

directive to set the height of a textarea to fit its content

An animated password generator for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

A multiselect dropdown list for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

A resettable input field for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

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Form manipulation for AngularJs

Using JSON to create dynamically a simple bootstrap form fastly.

A highly customizable set of directives for AngularJS to create and display validation messages for forms, and increase your app's usability.

Fabulous forms to get rid of repitive tasks like validation for you.

A model centric approach to AngularJS form validation

AngularJS unit test helper, protractor base PageObject and input form directives

A directive for AngularJS providing a advanced visual search box

An intuitive way to re-confirm user intentions using a single widget, and provide inline feedback without confirm dialogs or flash messages.

AngularJS directives to speed up form elements management

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Client side validation in AngularJS with Mongoose Schemas

Graceful AngularJS Validation Injector

Angular Slidezilla is a pure angular slider directive which makes it incredibly simple to have reliable sliders in angular.

Pure angular pretty checkbox / radio directive for angular.

A pure angular (no jquery) file field that functions like the native file input field but is displayed as a bootstrap button (also works without bootstrap see "styling" below) instead of the ugly system file upload field.

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A set of angular directives and c# classes designed to rapidly build modern web applications

A library that offers a big set of validators and sanitizers (parsers). It also offers adding custom validators and sanitizers easily.

Painless form validation for AngularJS. Powered by the jQuery Validation Plugin.

period picker on a time line with working hours embeded in an angular directive

An angular module for creating multi step forms / wizards. Create steps like you create routes!

A simple checklist type password strength meter & validator.

Because AngularJS general error messages still suck. ngMessages can kiss my ass.

Simple angular directive to validate a confirmation input field.

A form builder with the Material design

Angular survey / form builder inspired by Google Forms

Angular form directives for in-place editing.

AngularJS directive that will validate an IP address and impose relevant character and structure limits

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Custom filter to map a data type to a valid type of an input

A multipurpose plugin for alert, confirm & dialog for angular

Directive that could handle recursion