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Angular module for various color functions

A collection of useful filters for angularjs.

Localization module for Angular.js

Truncate text and add ellipses.

The solution to tracking page views and events in a SPA with AngularJS

An angular filter that uses window.matchMedia to allow filtering data on specific media query matches

Lets you declare sortable, pageable tables with minimal effort while providing high flexibilty.

An angular filter to truncate strings.

Extend angular's built in currency filter.

angular object to array filter

Encode URIs through a filter.

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Directive to support single- and multi-selects with high usability

Usual Angular.js style filtering and sorting with a twist of Crossfilter for improved performance.

ngCurrency is a directive that enables seamless use of currency input.

AngularJS directive and filter for localization with precompiled messageformat files

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An angularjs filter for converting text into emoticons.

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time ago angularjs plugin allow to show the time in human readable firmat....for example like few time ago,,,,,hours ago,,,,etc

A filter to convert your objects to an array that can be filtered and sorted easily

An angular filter that turns new lines into line breaks

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An Angular Module for grids and tables. Its very explicit and doesn't do any magic at all.

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A lightweight, flexible, and tasty collection of reusable UI components for AngularJS. Directive : Table, Table server side. Filter : Range.

An AngularJS filter for searching by a regular expression.

filters for searching some/all properties of objects

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sprintf.js is a complete open source JavaScript sprintf implementation.

Adapt user interface depending on REST API authorizations.

Angular pagination : with usage of external view, filter, service and bootstrap.css

Pretty bytes filter for AngularJS: 1337 → 1.34 kB.

String truncation, which let's you see the beginning and the ending of a truncated string.

A JSON filter different from just using " | json": it let's you apply custom markup to keys/values depending upon the value of the key/value.

Truncate text and add ellipses.

The filter displays relative day name (according to the console) e.g. today, tomorrow, yesterday and etc.

Persian tools for angular.js

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An AngularJS directive for converting text emojis into image-based emoticons, also supporting automatic multimedia link embedding

AngularJS metric prefix filter

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Extends the default AngularJS Module with useful Services, Filters and Directives

Angular lightweight directive/filter/service to format a date so it displays a contextual relative time from now ("time ago") in addition to the formatted normal date.

Angular2 async pipe implemented as Angular 1 filter to handle promises & RxJS observables

Simple angular filter for line break of cjk words.

leetspeak AngularJS Module

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Custom filter to map a data type to a valid type of an input

A data grid for AngularJS (custom templates, themes support, sortable, filterable, selectable, editable, ...)