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AngularJS factory for restful, with methods default [get, query, create, update, destroy] and with associations.

AngularJS $http compatible factory which can provide a fallback for failing GET requests

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An angular module for string manipulation. Encapsulates the awesome string.js library.

A directive to make angular elements focusable

Simple Angular.js service for file-uploading

Angular Service for regular polling or periodic calling of a function

angular-resolve-last lets you handle only the last promise that was resolved during a batch of async actions

Automatically wraps global dependencies into an Angular injectable. Works for most libraries that support requirejs.

AngularJS module to focus an HTML input element.

Modal service that allows passing of controller and locals in Ionic.

Lightweight library for reading, serializing, and synchronizing relational JSON API data.

A custom logger for angular with color coding and support

TableFactory is an angular module to create (sortable/pageable/selectable) tables

AngularJS Module to execute a function when no there's no user interaction after a predefined lapse.

An Angularjs module with full feature of sweetalert libarary. Sweet Alert is a beautiful replacement for Javascript's "Alert"

AngularJS Factory for Flickr JSON REST API requests

AngularJS Factory for Youtube JSON REST API requests

AngularJS factory for Vimeo JSON REST API requests

AngularJs slick notification service

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AngularJS directive for creating memes

AngularJS Factory for Wikipedia JSONP REST API