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Dropdown directives for AngularJS.

Dropdown List Component for AngularJS

AngularJS Autocomplete Directive

Pure AngularJS directive which creates a dropdown button with multiple or single selections. Doesn't require jQuery and works well with other Javascript libraries. Fully configurable through element attributes and CSS.

An AngularJS select replacement which build select like dropdown component with collection and ng-model support

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Angular directive for bootstrap dropdown

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Angularjs advanced dropdown

A multiselect dropdown list for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

Auto Complete for Angularjs applications with a lot to complete

AngularJS directive combining UI Bootstrap's Typeahead component with a dropdown component.

Angular Chips directive following Google Material Design guidelines

AngularJS based Dropdown Treeview

It's a angular directive for bootstrap dropdown and multi-select

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Textareas on Steroids - autocomplete, dropdowns, triggers...

Child-aware blur handler for Angular

A contextmenu for angular based apps

Angular directive for creating an input field with a dropdown list.

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AngularJS 1.x dropmenu helper directives

Dropdown directive for AngularJS: Includes server side pagination & search records.