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Directives specific to twitter bootstrap

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Extension library for AngularJS projects

embed youtube/vimeo/dailymotion videos using AngularJS directives

An AngularJS library for easier form validation

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Angular Utility Things (directives, services, filters, etc.)

AngularJS directives for recursive data.

Simple AngularJs module for Facebook API.

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This directive defines the event closure rendering element

Angular directive that disables watchers in scopes out of viewport

Configurable alerts for angular applications

Expand Date object Directive

2-Way binding for `Date` object(expanding year, month and so on)

A simple and fluid inline datepicker for AngularJS with no extra dependencies.

AngularJS directives to help create an AwesomeUI for your web page

A library that offers a big set of validators and sanitizers (parsers). It also offers adding custom validators and sanitizers easily.

Native Angular2 directives for Bootstrap

Simple parallax for Angular 2 components

a set of directives that output the differences of 2 inputs using the diff-match-patch google library

A simple lightweight library for Angular 2/4+ which automatically updates links to indicate the currently active section in the viewport

A Smartsheet Picker directive for AngularJS