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Angular directive for input type=date that correctly parses and renders type date

A simple and fluid inline datepicker for AngularJS with no extra dependencies.

Date input with individual select fields date, month & year

Calendar implemented entirely in Angular.js

AngularJS directive to enable support for date input type

Angular.js wrapper for dangrossman/bootstrap-daterangepicker

Angular.js service providing auto-updating, relative time labels like "about 1 minute ago"

A simple and lightweight Angularjs directive for human readable timestamps.

nikgraf/jquery-global to AngularJS

Angularjs directive that generates a responsive datepicker calendar on your input element.

Native AngularJS datetime picker directive styled by Twitter Bootstrap

Simple customizable AngularJS calendar with no dependencies. Supports simple events (only date and title).

The filter displays relative day name (according to the console) e.g. today, tomorrow, yesterday and etc.

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Convenient date tools for building calendars.