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AngularJS Datatype Editors

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Simple table with sorting and filtering on AngularJS

An angular.js service that gives you a table based localStorage API.

AngularJS support for Kinvey BaaS

A model/collection service for Angular.js

AngularJS Table directive that draws a table of data with different features

A "catch-all" solution for displaying data in a table format in a basic or extremely complex style.

Data store for Angular.js.

Backbone data model and collection for AngularJS

An angular module for a data grid with sorting, filtering and resizable columns

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Angular.js module for initialization data from HTML

Bind WakandaDB JS NoSQL Object database in AngularJS apps

An HTML5 local and session storage system for Angular.JS

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BBGrid is a data grid(table) for the Angular (AngularJS)

A very performant data grid - lots of features - easy to get started

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Promise is a simple wrapper around the $http service that uses the promise interface.

Modal service that allows passing of controller and locals in Ionic.