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AngularJS Datatype Editors

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Simple table with sorting and filtering on AngularJS

An angular.js service that gives you a table based localStorage API.

AngularJS support for Kinvey BaaS

A model/collection service for Angular.js

AngularJS Table directive that draws a table of data with different features

A "catch-all" solution for displaying data in a table format in a basic or extremely complex style.

Data store for Angular.js.

Backbone data model and collection for AngularJS

An angular module for a data grid with sorting, filtering and resizable columns

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Angular.js module for initialization data from HTML

Bind WakandaDB JS NoSQL Object database in AngularJS apps

An HTML5 local and session storage system for Angular.JS

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BBGrid is a data grid(table) for the Angular (AngularJS)

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A very performant data grid - lots of features - easy to get started http://

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Promise is a simple wrapper around the $http service that uses the promise interface.

Modal service that allows passing of controller and locals in Ionic.

AngularJS module to rapidly feed your POC's frontend with data using SQL syntax.

TableFactory is an angular module to create (sortable/pageable/selectable) tables

✨ A feature-rich yet lightweight data-table crafted for Angular2!

This project shows how to create a tree component with recursive component structure. My experience in trees comes from the design of xsl showing trees in java. And now I want to prove do that in Angular2.

Lightweight building kit for angular2 data grids