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CSS3 Overflow Scroll directive for AngularJS

CSS3 Pull-to-Refresh directive for AngularJS

AngularJS Directive and CSS for creating scrollable tables with fixed headers

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Dynamically load scripts and css stylesheets in your Angular.JS app

This is a simple module for AngularJS that provides the ability to have route-specific CSS stylesheets, by integrating with Angular uiRouter

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Pure CSS tooltip, compatiable with bootstrap, include less codes...

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Angular CSS3 animation directives (ngfx-bounce, ngfx-shake, ngfx-flip, ngfx-pulse and more ...)

A directive to scroll the overflowing content of a box using CSS transformations and animations.

Angularjs directives for Materialize CSS Framework

This directive allows you to add Less and PrefixFree support for your Angular application.

Take control on CSS pseudo-classes (:hover, :active...) !

UI Router (1.*) extension to load route-specific, promised based CSS files