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Angular JS native tree control

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A simple, lightweight module for displaying notifications in your AngularJS app.

Enhanced search input with 'placeholder animation' and categorized suggestions for AngularJS. There is no jQuery dependency, just pure angularJS.

Adds the missing clear button to input elements

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Dynamic, flexible and accessible AngularJS tabs.

A entity-component-system game framework made specifically for Angular.

AngularJS Directive Component of the UI-Toolkit's Accordion for Mutual of Omaha's DXD Team

Port of FlipClock.js to Angular without any dependencies

This project shows how to create a tree component with recursive component structure. My experience in trees comes from the design of xsl showing trees in java. And now I want to prove do that in Angular2.

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Light Angular Component that wraps jstree library.

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Angular directive to insert dynamic clock with specified timezone

A simple progressive/responsive/lazy loading image library for Angular 2/4+ with no other dependencies that detects browser size and loads the appropriate image on when the element is in view

A simple lightweight library for Angular 2/4+ which automatically updates links to indicate the currently active section in the viewport