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AngularUI - The companion suite for AngularJS

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Directives specific to twitter bootstrap

An AngularJS Directive for BootStrap Typeahead - WIP

Am angularjs directive wrapper for Twitter Bootstrap's typeahead plugin

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AngularJS + elFinder + Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme

Directive to use a jQuery tags input plugin based on Twitter Bootstrap.

A simple directive for AngularJS and Twitter's Typeahead with Bootstrap 2/3 RC1

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Bootstrap3 modal service with responsive and more feature

A directive that shortens the html of bootstrap glyphicon uses

Pure AngularJS tagging widget with typeahead support courtesy of ui-bootstrap

growl-like notifications for angularJS projects (using bootstrap alert classes)

AngularJS directive to make Bootstrap responsive layouts easier to write

A complete AngularJS service with controllers and templates for generating application modals and dialogs for use with Angular-UI-Bootstrap and Twitter Bootstrap

Message service and directive to display flash messages in AngularJS

Angular dialog module for Bootstrap 3 modals support. Custom modals with optional controllers. Dialog Service.

Dashboard framework with Angular.js, Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome

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An easy to use angularJS modal directive & service

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Angular alert directive

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Angular bootstrap confirm dialog

Mobile Angular UI with Bootstrap 3

BsTable is an AngularJS directive which adds tfoot tag with pagination and page size selection to your table and watches changes on your collection in ng-repeat attribute.

ng-uploader is a single/multiple and high customizable file uploader and the most important is very easy to implement.

An AngularJS select replacement which build select like dropdown component with collection and ng-model support

AngularJS directives for Boostrap fast protoyping

Simple directive for truncating text in AngularJS apps and toggling the hidden parts of the truncated texts.

A Bootstrap 3 Icon Picker implemented in AngularJS

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An implementation of Bootstrap's scrollspy and affix functionality for AngularJS

A checkbox for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

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Angular directive for bootstrap dropdown

angular-bootstrap-select - Directive to wrap bootstrap-select. This directive aims to proxy the behavior of the plugin bootstrap-select, in the AngularJS style, see the documentation on the plugin page.

A set of useful directives for building single page applications with AngularJS

Angular progress slider directive

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Off canvas side menu to use with ui-bootstrap.

Angular.js service providing simple notifications using Bootstrap 3 styles with css transitions for animating

Idiot-proof tab panes with route support using Angular.js + Bootstrap 3 + UI Router

A port of the bootstrap calendar widget to AngularJS (no jQuery required!)

Generic Dashboard/Widgets functionality with AngularJS (directive)

Data-Models based validation infrastructure for angular js apps

An animated password generator for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

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Angular validation directives for Bootstrap forms

A multiselect dropdown list for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

A collection of common Bootstrap modal dialogs for AngularJS

A resettable input field for AngularJS styled to fit the Twitter Bootstrap standard design

Extension for angular ui-bootstrap with possibily of showing more than 1 month in daypicker

Tags input with help of AngularJs typeahead and Twitter Bootstrap

Initialize your AngularJS app with constants loaded from the back-end.

Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

Responsive bootstrap directive for faster mobile-friendly development

Automatic Bootstrap validation based on ngModel

An Angular service for displaying Bootstrap Alerts

An intuitive way to re-confirm user intentions using a single widget, and provide inline feedback without confirm dialogs or flash messages.

A pure angular (no jquery) file field that functions like the native file input field but is displayed as a bootstrap button (also works without bootstrap see "styling" below) instead of the ugly system file upload field.

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Pure CSS tooltip, compatiable with bootstrap, include less codes...

It's a angular directive for bootstrap dropdown and multi-select

A contextmenu for angular based apps

A datepicker for @twitter bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of, improvements by @eternicode

Displays a bootstrap confirmation popover (with no jQuery or bootstrap JS!)

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AngularJS Implementation of Bootstrap Touchspin

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a simple and lightweight angular tabs directive

Full-functional autocomplete (typeahead alternative) AngularJS directive

Simplified data collection and modification using bootstrap and angular

angular-tek-progress-bar is an AngularJS module to create and controls progress bar.

We all know the struggle on Bootstrap, when you have many columns with different heights ...

TableFactory is an angular module to create (sortable/pageable/selectable) tables

Dynamic query building UI written in Angular and Bootstrap

AngularJS module wrapping the 'bootstrap submenu' JavaScript library. Useful for creating multiple-tier navigation menus using bootstrap styles.

Creating bootstrap grid (rows and columns) for angular ng-repeat

Native Angular2 directives for Bootstrap

A directive for Angular 1 to set same height for various elements from the larger element

An angular2 bootstrap confirmation popover

Create bootstrap buttons easily with Bootstrap, Angular and HintCSS using Angular Directives

AngularJS directive to create bootstrap based web pages

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It is a modern way to add a survey to your website. It uses JSON for survey metadata and results.

rebirth-ng is a ui framework for angular4 & bootstrap.