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Simple AngulasJS directive for adding google places autocomplete to a textbox element

Pure Angular autocomplete with tags, no jQuery

AngularJS Autocomplete Directive

A fork of Daryl Rowland's angucomplete ( with some extra features.

Simple to use autocomplete directive in a module for AngularJs!

Native AngularJS & CSS AutoComplete with trailing hint text

Ionic directive for a location dropdown that utilizes google maps

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Provide typeahead via OpenSearch Suggestions or links via SeeAlso

jQuery UI autocomplete to AngularJS

Auto Complete for Angularjs applications with a lot to complete

how to use angularjs to develop autocomplete

AngularJS directive to display suggestions while typing into text input.

Angular Chips directive following Google Material Design guidelines

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Textareas on Steroids - autocomplete, dropdowns, triggers...

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Open source project for editing tags (aka tokenizer) based on angularJS

Full-functional autocomplete (typeahead alternative) AngularJS directive

Directive for angularjs to add auto complete function in input text fields using devbridge/jQuery-Autocomplete

Typeahead using AngularJS.. Using Directive Approach.

Angular autocomplete directive using bonanza

Dropdown directive for AngularJS: Includes server side pagination & search records.