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Underscore adapter for AngularJS

A Javscript ORM/Active Record to work with angularjs and others. Easy to use and to understand.

Angular adapter module for github.js

foursquare module for angular

Super easy AngularJS + Facebook JavaScript SDK.

Firebase binding use $q in AngularJS

Directives for measuring and reporting perceived page performance

angular module to integrate google apis

An AngularJS module to take approach of the Facebook Javascript SDK.

Implementing the YouTube API with AngularJS

AngularJS module that adds user authentication to your app with UserApp.

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AngularJS bindings for GoInstant. Build realtime, multi-user apps with AngularJS and GoInstant easily.

An angular module for using the sails api

AngularJS module to manage HTTP Digest Authentication

An AngularJS Directive for the API.

format for ng-model. Inlcude number,boolean,check box to array and so on..

Unofficial AngularJS module for the Echo Nest API

This is an Angular module which helps with RESTful data

Angular Module to access to the Bandcamp API

AngularJS app for quickly and flexibly browsing REST API's with column UI

AngularJS directive to auto save form data with Restangular

declarative ajax requests for angularjs

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LinkedIn wrapper for AngularJS

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Access availability information via DAIA

AngularJS directive for the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Flow

Embed a YouTube player with a simple directive

An AngularJS Client for WP-API

Angular Service for regular polling or periodic calling of a function

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Provide typeahead via OpenSearch Suggestions or links via SeeAlso

Angular JS Instagram Module and Directive

Angular controller to automate MailChimp subscriptions.

Class based REST API interaction for AngularJS

Simple AngularJs module for Facebook API.

Backbone data model and collection for AngularJS

A Disqus API wrapper for AngularJS featuring helpful directives for easily adding widgets to your pages

modelFactory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!

A really simple directive for a routing number search field

An AngularJS module for use all Google Apis and your Google Cloud Endpoints with OAuth. This module use Google APIs Client Library for JavaScript, available for all GApis.

ngSharePoint is a powerful and extensible AngularJS module that converts the APIs of SharePoint (REST and JSOM) to the AngularJS world.

Angular service to Stomp Web-Socket

AngularJS service wrapper for SingalR Hubs

Do CRUD operations on a collection of objects through an API while maintaining a consistent local cache.

Angular component to authentication with oauth2 using meetup login.

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Add an AngularJS admin GUI to any RESTful API

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Sea is an AngularJS framework to manage resources served by a REST service. It is also an ORM where you can define models and their relationships with other models.

An Angular wrapper for the Cognalys REST API

Get a tweet stream JSON object client-side without exposing a private auth token, and without any server-side code or oauth. Compatible with Twitter API version 1.1 and above.

Array functions for AngularJs

angular-model-factory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!

Angular.js provider for fetching current weather and forecasts (5 days and 16 days) using Openweathermap API.

An AngularJS interceptor to parse dates from server response

Lightweight library for reading, serializing, and synchronizing relational JSON API data.

An Angular.JS module for creation of flexible and reusable data-driven lists.

lazy-scroll Angularjs plugin for infinate scrolling

Angular Service to connect to Spotify Web API

CFMedia is a simple directive to media upload inspired by Wordpress media style and based on the directive

A light weight blog that can be ran from static webhosting using an API driven CMS service

AngularJS Factory for Flickr JSON REST API requests

apiNG is an AngularJS directive that enables you to receive, aggregate, limit, order and display data from one or more sources. The complete setup is dead simple, just by adding data-attributes to your html

AngularJS Factory for Youtube JSON REST API requests

AngularJS factory for Vimeo JSON REST API requests

Shortened field names which sent by backend are being converted to original names according to specified directory.

AngularJS Factory for Wikipedia JSONP REST API

An AngularJS module for checkout with MercadoPago

Angular module for getting SharePoint user profile properties.

Utilities for working in SharePoint with Angular.

An easy way to generate a dynamic, injectable API service.

A multipurpose plugin for alert, confirm & dialog for angular

A Smartsheet Picker directive for AngularJS