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A provider that helps you manage transition from one route to another

Easily use Obelisk to create animations using Angular.js.

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Simple, Beautiful animation library for Angular

AngularJS directive for eased iteration display

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Create cool transitions between two states by morphing elements!

AngularJS ngAnimate integration for Velocity's UI pack plugin.

directive designed to trigger animations based on scroll position

Angular directives to configure velocity.js keyframe animations on an element

Angular Skrollr wraps the skrollr.js library to provide a mechanisim for configuring, initialising skrollr and calling skrollr.refresh() when the DOM is updated

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Pure CSS tooltip, compatiable with bootstrap, include less codes...

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Loading animation for AngularJS

angular-traceit is an AngularJS Directive that lets you trace page elements

An Angular directive for creating simple sprites.

A directive to scroll the overflowing content of a box using CSS transformations and animations.

Simple directive for scrolling into the website itself