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Angular Next brings the power of Angular 2 to Angular 1 and gives you an incremental migration path.

Angular2 HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built with TypeScript.

Websocket wrapper for angular2 based on angular-websocket

angular2-autosize is an Angular2 directive that automatically adjusts textarea height to fit content.

Responding to idle users in Angular2 applications.

Angular 2 Color Picker Directive, no dependences required.

Highcharts for your Angular2 project

Native Angular2 directives for Bootstrap

An angular2 bootstrap confirmation popover

A wrapper directive for clipboard.js

Mimicks the functionality of UIPageViewController in pure HTML for mobile web apps with Angular 2

Dynamic meta tags and SEO in Angular2

Steps component for angular2 where each step is different component and everything is wired together.

Angular2 messages component for displaying messages to user (errors,warnings,infos,successes)

Simple translation service for angular2 applications

✨ A feature-rich yet lightweight data-table crafted for Angular2!

Make a game with Angular2 and Phaser!

Angular 2 component that implements Loaders.css spinners

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🕶 D3 + Angular2 Composable Re-usable Charting Framework

Light angular2 toaster

Angular 2 component for Google reCAPTCHA

Angular 2 directive that provides Click Outside Functionality

Youtube iframe plugin for angular2 latest version 2.0.0, youtube bar just like soundcloud.

Your module to handle with feature toggles in Angular2 applications easier

Here you can find bounce, fade, flip, roll, rotate, zoom and others animations that you can apply to your web components, The project is done in Angular2 with Typescript.

Angular 2 Drag & Drop based on HTML5 with no external dependencies.

ng2-rest-api HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built on Angular2/http with TypeScript. A rest api template for all api consumption. Angular2 rest template for all CRUD operations.

Lightweight building kit for angular2 data grids

a set of directives that output the differences of 2 inputs using the diff-match-patch google library

Angular2 component that provides a banner to inform users about cookie law

A flexible calendar component for angular 2.0+ that can display events on a month, week or day view.

Angular 2+ directive that takes an iterable and renders visible items to the DOM

🚀 Simple & lightweight Angular 2 vote component

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Angular 4.3.0+ Authentication Module

A simple lightweight library for Angular 2/4+ with no other dependencies that detects scroll direction and adds a `sn-scrolling-up` or `sn-scrolling-down` class to the element.