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Flash messages for Angular.js

Limits user input to numbers, adds a comma for every three numbers, limits decimals to 2

Extend angular.$location with support for a parametrized URL template with parameters (like angular.$resource) prefixed by `:`.

Angular wrapper for PouchDB, making sure that callbacks are called within $rootScope.$apply(), and using $q promises instead of callbacks. On top of that, it supports an `ng-repeat`-alike directive for traversing the contents of your database.

a simple date mocking library

Angular Module for

Angular Module for Livi18n.js

The Neosavvy Angular Core project.

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An angular select directive

an angular right click directive

AngularJS filter for converting a number of seconds to a human readable time

growl-like notifications for angularJS projects

ng-uploader is a single/multiple and high customizable file uploader and the most important is very easy to implement.

Use AngularJS' decorate function with ease

Dropbox Datastore bindings for AngularJS