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Flash messages for Angular.js

Limits user input to numbers, adds a comma for every three numbers, limits decimals to 2

Extend angular.$location with support for a parametrized URL template with parameters (like angular.$resource) prefixed by `:`.

Angular wrapper for PouchDB, making sure that callbacks are called within $rootScope.$apply(), and using $q promises instead of callbacks. On top of that, it supports an `ng-repeat`-alike directive for traversing the contents of your database.

a simple date mocking library

Angular Module for

Angular Module for Livi18n.js

The Neosavvy Angular Core project.

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An angular select directive

an angular right click directive

AngularJS filter for converting a number of seconds to a human readable time

growl-like notifications for angularJS projects

ng-uploader is a single/multiple and high customizable file uploader and the most important is very easy to implement.

Use AngularJS' decorate function with ease

Dropbox Datastore bindings for AngularJS

Integrate Gravatar to AngularJS applications

AngularJS directive for the JustGage ( gauge.

AngularJS directive for showing weather.

Angular Service for regular polling or periodic calling of a function

An AngularJS directive for NVD3 reusable charting library (based on D3). Easily customize your charts via JSON API.

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An AngularJS directive for displaying and editing JSON tree

A simple and embeddable Angular JS image re-sizing service.

Class based REST API interface for the Python framework Eve

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WebSocket service for AngularJS.

Mock for AngularJS WebSocket service.