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A Backbone.Model inspired modellayer for AngularJS

A Javscript ORM/Active Record to work with angularjs and others. Easy to use and to understand.

Service Stack Client for AngularJS

An AngularJS resource to interact with TastyPie REST APIs

This is an Angular module which helps with RESTful data

AngularJS app for quickly and flexibly browsing REST API's with column UI

An AngularJS module to interact with RESTful resources, even when browser is offline

Probably the most opinionated framework in the world

Class based REST API interaction for AngularJS

Class based REST API interface for the Python framework Eve

Simple and lightweight yet feature-rich models to use with AngularJS apps.

Backbone data model and collection for AngularJS

Poller service for AngularJS applications

Adapt user interface depending on REST API authorizations.

modelFactory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!

Bind WakandaDB JS NoSQL Object database in AngularJS apps

Basic support for Angular Apps simplifying the creation of CRUDL views inluding backend connections

ngSharePoint is a powerful and extensible AngularJS module that converts the APIs of SharePoint (REST and JSOM) to the AngularJS world.

AngularJS module for Oracle Webcenter

Do CRUD operations on a collection of objects through an API while maintaining a consistent local cache.

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Add an AngularJS admin GUI to any RESTful API

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Sea is an AngularJS framework to manage resources served by a REST service. It is also an ORM where you can define models and their relationships with other models.

Service For AngularJS to Integrate with SharePoint

angular-model-factory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!

Angular2 HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built with TypeScript.

AngularJS Factory for Youtube JSON REST API requests

apiNG is an AngularJS directive that enables you to receive, aggregate, limit, order and display data from one or more sources. The complete setup is dead simple, just by adding data-attributes to your html

AngularJS factory for Vimeo JSON REST API requests

ng2-rest-api HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built on Angular2/http with TypeScript. A rest api template for all api consumption. Angular2 rest template for all CRUD operations.