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A feature-packed routing library which supports tree-like nested routes and loading flow handling.

Flash messages for Angular.js

Elastic textareas for AngularJS, without jQuery dependency.

A gantt chart directive for AngularJS

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Zero watches binding for AngularJs

AngularJS directive to embed an interactive Leaflet OpenStreetMaps to your application

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Plnkr.co front-end and backend

Angular directive for slick-carousel

A fork of Daryl Rowland's angucomplete (https://github.com/darylrowland/angucomplete) with some extra features.

Responding to idle users in AngularJS applications.

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Show busy/loading indicators on any element during $http requests (or any promise).

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Properly utilize the CSRF tag with your $http/$resource requests when talking to a rails backend

Resource-like factory for MongoLab based on $http and working with promises

SpinKit (https://github.com/tobiasahlin/SpinKit) spinners for AngularJS