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Infinite Scrolling for AngularJS

Simple AngulasJS directive for adding google places autocomplete to a textbox element

AngularJS Toaster is a customized version of "toastr" non-blocking notification javascript library.

Tags input directive for AngularJS

This directive provides lorem image generation for your website by using the great lorempixel service to generate images.

AngularJS Autocomplete Directive

A radically powerful Text-Editor/Wysiwyg editor for Angular.js! Create multiple editor instances, two-way-bind HTML content, watch editors for changes and more!

A resource module inspired by $resource but with promises and customizations to work better with Rails

An easy to use Table / Grid module

Mobile friendly AngularJS carousel

An Angularjs ui component that can sort nested lists and bind data, and it dosen't need to depend on jQuery.

Simple AngularJS scroll-to directive

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An AngularJS Service for uploading files using iframe