Popular Modules

An angular accordion which auto stretches to its container height and width while debouncing height recalculation on resize. Works in modern browsers and IE9+.

AngularJS module that enable easy parameter extraction from Url by converting it to js Object

AngularJS module to parse range selection strings from user input

AngularJS service for throttling $http requests

AngularJS animations samples

A line chart implementation

Provides a mechanism for SVG(Z) fallback to bitmap images.

Prevents the default action of an anchor when clicked.

AngularJS directives for simply embed media player such as flash, twitch, justin.

Provides a cancel method on promises created by the angular $q service.

Fetches includes file without scope expression, compiles and includes an external HTML fragment.

HTML5 WYSIWG editor built with angularJS as a module for adding into any angular project

Angular module for various color functions

AngularJS module for jQueryUI draggable and droppable with Animation