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In place "request in progress" indicator

Angular filter, directive, and service to linkify text. As of v0.3.0, angular-linkify works for twitter/github mentions, twitter hashtags, and basic urls.

AngularJS directive for embedding Github gists.

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ASP.NET MVC validation for AngularJS

Provide hotkey functionality in AngularJS using Mousetrap

Angular JS directive for making a "depth chart"-style HTML table

Maintain the overall document flow while extracting the nodes children for rewrapping

An AngularJS implementation of Douglas Crockford's implementation of the AJAX monad

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AngularJS like-bar directive

Store and retrieve object data from your browser's localStorage.

An Angular directive that converts a URL to an SVG into an inline SVG node

Angular directive for input type=date that correctly parses and renders type date

An AngularJS module to take approach of the Facebook Javascript SDK.

Australian Business Number (ABN) validation directive.