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Angular JS directive for making a "depth chart"-style HTML table

Maintain the overall document flow while extracting the nodes children for rewrapping

An AngularJS implementation of Douglas Crockford's implementation of the AJAX monad

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AngularJS like-bar directive

Store and retrieve object data from your browser's localStorage.

An Angular directive that converts a URL to an SVG into an inline SVG node

Angular directive for input type=date that correctly parses and renders type date

An AngularJS module to take approach of the Facebook Javascript SDK.

Australian Business Number (ABN) validation directive.

AngularJS based $http circuit-breaker pattern implementation

Directives that execute a function or an expression when ng-repeat is done with looping. No need for events (but emits an event).

An angularjs timepicker directive

Filter to create better seo urls and slugs with angularjs

Want to control an AngularJS app using your web cam? Check it.