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AngularJS module to manage HTTP Digest Authentication

AngularJS directive for Flowtype.JS

A directive to add recursion to the ngRepeat directive.

Stellar.js directives for AngularJS ( without jQuery dependency )

Plotting with AngularJS

This project is built to host an Angular Directive that allows the usage of the DataTables.js open source control as an Angular Data Grid.

In place "request in progress" indicator

Angular filter, directive, and service to linkify text. As of v0.3.0, angular-linkify works for twitter/github mentions, twitter hashtags, and basic urls.

AngularJS directive for embedding Github gists.

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ASP.NET MVC validation for AngularJS

Provide hotkey functionality in AngularJS using Mousetrap

Angular JS directive for making a "depth chart"-style HTML table

Maintain the overall document flow while extracting the nodes children for rewrapping

An AngularJS implementation of Douglas Crockford's implementation of the AJAX monad