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A set of placeholder directives & services for use during development of AngularJS apps.

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Using jPlayer in your Angular application

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Custom Elements-Based HTML5 UI Framework for Building Your Mobile Front End

The Simplest AngularJS Google Maps V3 Directive

Initialize your AngularJS app with constants loaded from the back-end.

Fabulous forms to get rid of repitive tasks like validation for you.

A Native ( without jquery ) Drag and Drop directive for AngularJS using HTML5 Drag and Drop.

Poller service for AngularJS applications

SaaS solution for file uploads and serving (Widget, Cloud Storage, CDN, Crop/Resize)

Loading responsive and adaptive image when container (which is also preventing reflow) is in view. Loading feedback to enduser. Works also as background image.

Native AngularJS colorpicker directive. No dependency on jQuery or jQuery plugin is required.

angular-resolve-last lets you handle only the last promise that was resolved during a batch of async actions

A simple angular directive for adding accordion UI element