Newest Modules

A collection of angular 2 decorators for angularjs 1.5.x projects written in typescript

This module allows you to lazy load img tags and elements with css "background-images".

AngularJS directive to create bootstrap based web pages

Farsi rich text editor for Angular 1 - ویرایشگر غنی متون فارسی برای انگولار ۱

AngularJS 1.x directive for converting Japanse

input formatter as currency with Angular

Angular Moment Picker is an AngularJS directive for date and time picker using Moment.js.

AngularJS directive for Prophet.js

Angular 2 component for rich text editor Quill editor

ng2-rest-api HTTP client to consume RESTful services. Built on Angular2/http with TypeScript. A rest api template for all api consumption. Angular2 rest template for all CRUD operations.

Add chips input field to your Angular App!