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Angular wrapper for cordova sqlite plugin

AngularJS integration for the imagesloaded library.

💉 📝 A simple module that allows you to inject content into strings.

:abc: :nut_and_bolt: A small AngularJS module to bind specific keypress events to methods.

Here you can find bounce, fade, flip, roll, rotate, zoom and others animations that you can apply to your web components, The project is done in Angular2 with Typescript.

A reusable gauge directive for Angular 1.x apps and dashboards

Your module to handle with feature toggles in Angular2 applications easier

Reusable callout (notification) directive and service. Use it whenever you need to display a (success, error or whatever) message to a user. Does not need jQuery.

A lightweight joyride directive for AngularJs

Youtube iframe plugin for angular2 latest version 2.0.0, youtube bar just like soundcloud.