Newest Modules

An AngularJS directive for cross-browser mouse wheel support.

Google Analytics tracking for your AngularJS apps

This directive brings the Chosen jQuery plugin into AngularJS with ngModel and ngOptions integration.

Provides a mechanism for SVG(Z) fallback to bitmap images.

Prevents the default action of an anchor when clicked.

An authentication module for AngularJS

A Backbone.Model inspired modellayer for AngularJS

Mobile friendly AngularJS carousel

Simple module to integrate Youtube Player (API) with AngularJS

An Angular Js Directive which allows to simplify the use of Highcharts charts

AngularJS Directive for Google Plus Sign-in Button

AngularJS directives for simply embed media player such as flash, twitch, justin.

An AngularJS directive to handle the dragging of an $element for mouse and touch devices

Provides a cancel method on promises created by the angular $q service.