Newest Modules

An Angular Js Directive which allows to simplify the use of Highcharts charts

AngularJS Directive for Google Plus Sign-in Button

AngularJS directives for simply embed media player such as flash, twitch, justin.

An AngularJS directive to handle the dragging of an $element for mouse and touch devices

Provides a cancel method on promises created by the angular $q service.

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AngularJS + elFinder + Twitter Bootstrap 3 Theme

201 people use it

Simple table with sorting and filtering on AngularJS

Provides "slugification" for AngularJS

Google Chart Tools AngularJS Directive Module

Angularjs Directive to limit the number of characters allowed in a text field

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Companion directives for common mapping libraries

Elastic textareas for AngularJS, without jQuery dependency.

Hammer.js support for Angular.js

Web Storage Service Module for AngularJS