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AngularJS Directive Component of the UI-Toolkit's Accordion for Mutual of Omaha's DXD Team

AngularWidgets is a collection of rich javascript widgets based on PrimeUI

This module provides a angular service wrapper for the PapaParse ( library and adds promise functionality to it — Edit

AngularJS Blog

AngularJS directive for Sticky-Kit

This module offers the possibility to generate and open multiple modals in a row. Based on bootstrap but with the possibility to change the complete html behind.

AngularJS module wrapping the 'bootstrap submenu' JavaScript library. Useful for creating multiple-tier navigation menus using bootstrap styles.

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Angular directive that displays colors.

AngularJS Calendar (No JQuery Required!)

Angular Moment Picker is an AngularJS directive for date and time picker using Moment.js.

Simple Datepicker for Ionic / AngularJS (does also work without Ionic)

AngularJs and Socket.IO with shared socket connection throw tabs

An angular directive to allow arbitrary DOM elements to be downloaded as PNG files

An Angularjs module with full feature of sweetalert libarary. Sweet Alert is a beautiful replacement for Javascript's "Alert"