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Modularised ~13KB HTML5 audio/video implementation using Angular.js

An AngularJS dynamic tree, right click, drag and drop, JSON driven directive

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AngularJS 1.2+ ui components/utilities based on bootstrap 3

Angular Joyride Directive for creating custom introductions to websites

Reponsive tab menu that gracefully overflows into a dropdown.

A Rails-inspired flash service for AngularJS. Anything you place in the flash is exposed to the very next route and then cleared out. Also comes with a Bootstrap-compatible directive for displaying flash alerts.

Extendible AngularJS two-way binding support for Polymer core and paper elements

Angular port of CodeSeven/toastr.

WYSIWYG Editor for AgularJS

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Clamp an element by adding ellipsis if content exceeds parent's width

Directive to create hotspot over an image with responsive behavior

Directive for checking password strength in angular