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A native AngularJS directive that transform a simple <select> box into a full html select with typeahead.

Angular Moment Picker is an AngularJS directive for date and time picker using Moment.js.

Angular2 messages component for displaying messages to user (errors,warnings,infos,successes)

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get query string values in angularjs

Steps component for angular2 where each step is different component and everything is wired together.

Dynamic meta tags and SEO in Angular2

Get simple methods to manipulate url parts

AngularJS directive for auto-scaling textareas - smallest code and no dependencies!

Angular MultiDateSelect directive

Angular - Firebase port of the popular Opencart marketplace

Mimicks the functionality of UIPageViewController in pure HTML for mobile web apps with Angular 2

Plugin for Advanced Searchbox Functionality

Popup manager module for AngularJS

An AngularJS module for resizing table columns!