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Angular directive to display inline confirmation buttons that can replace the use of pop-up dialogs.

An AngularJS module that automatically prepends 'src' attributes with CDN server paths [Demo](

Truncate text and add ellipses.

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Allows two-way communication via eventing between AngularJS and other JavaScript applications.

An Angular service for displaying Bootstrap Alerts

Automatic Bootstrap validation based on ngModel

Simplifies common AngularFire interactions by enhancing the flexibility and portability of the `$firebase` service.

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Provides modular file structure with module auto-loading capabilities for AngularJS applications.

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Fields formatting mask in angularJs

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This module has the function to collect objects from view, facilitating the bind-to-bind

I have programmed a a "directive" which can display smileys ":) :-) :( :-(" as images when attached to a "<p/>" tag.