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Evita o registro de um evento click para cada elemento, Ăștil em loop ng-repeat

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AngularJS directive that will trigger focus on an element under specified conditions

A wrapper directive for clipboard.js

Angular dhtmlxCalendar

An AngularJs Virtual Keyboard Interface based on Mottie/Keyboard.

ngGridify is a quick and easy way to show some data on the page, be able to sort it, configure the columns and bind some sort of javascript function to a button on each line if you want. Also provides export to CSV

Directive to select country in angularjs

AngularJS Factory for Wikipedia JSONP REST API

This easy-to-use directive applies a (customisable) typed effect to text within an HTML element.

The module consists of tabNavBar in a directive which aims to facilitate navigation menu creation for hybrid applications developed with IONIC FRAMEWORK.

pagination directive for angular (1.x.x)

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Custom filter to map a data type to a valid type of an input

Angular Material Design Pagination

Shortened field names which sent by backend are being converted to original names according to specified directory.