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Angular wrapper for Jodit

An AngularJS wrapper for the noUiSlider range slider with minimal overhead.

A Smartsheet Picker directive for AngularJS

A thin wrapper around Angular 2+ Http service that adds ability to work with upload/download progress

Angular directive for international phone number validations which use google's libphonenumber library.

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curve edit control for angularjs 1

A simple angular directive for latinize.js with capitalize option.

A simple lightweight library for Angular 2/4+ which automatically updates links to indicate the currently active section in the viewport

A simple progressive/responsive/lazy loading image library for Angular 2/4+ with no other dependencies that detects browser size and loads the appropriate image on when the element is in view

A simple lightweight library for Angular 2/4+ which removes excess text and add ellipsis symbol to end of text before text overflows container