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Angular JS directive allows you to Drag and Drop, supports Sortable, Draggable and Trash container.

A provider based on ui.router which prefetches all templates required by potentially following steps.

A directive to scroll the overflowing content of a box using CSS transformations and animations.

Vertical scroll-and-snap functionality in angular

Experimental module for streaming & playing audio chunks through MediaSource.

Small Angular Directive to show a percent value inside a coloured circle representing the percentage

PEGjs based input interval. You can specify a time unit after a time value 'X', such as Xw, Xd, Xh, Xm or Xs, to represent weeks (w), days (d), hours (h), minutes (m) and seconds (s), respectively. interval will be available in controller $scope in ms.

WebTemplate - Bootstrap / Less / Angular / Grunt ready

Angular.js directive that scales the content of the element it is applied on to fill the box of the element itself.

Angular.js provider for fetching current weather and forecasts (5 days and 16 days) using Openweathermap API.

Material design - The md-chips with multiple select menu

Angular directive that allows two images to be layered and compared

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ladda buttons without the boilerplate code

Make possible to present multi-level lists in the tabular form (tree of elements).