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Angularjs directive that enables slim scrollbar with CSS customization

Backendless binding for angular.js

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A sexy reference to pdfmake.js for angular.

A small Angular module in charge of internationalization and localization.

[ng-datepicker] AngularJs Datepicker based on jQuery UI

Returns the number of seconds, minutes, days, months or years for a Date object from the current system time

This AngularJS directive generate a HTML table with build-in fonctionnality like save, edit, remove, pagination etc...

AngularJS Async Ajax Request Wrapper

Angular directives and helper code to make working with OpenTok more Angularish

Youtube videos with custom configurable controls for Angular.js

A JSON-RPC 2.0 client for AngularJS

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Another drag and drop mini lib based on dragula.js

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a simple and lightweight angular tabs directive

Simple directive for coexist click and double click event on the same element