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AngularJS directive for horizontal and vertical divided boxes

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Material design for Angular

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Angular module for i18n, with pluarlization and interpolation, and locale update

A simple Angular.js directive to create "Back to top" button when user reaches the end of the page.

Angular module for markdown and syntax highlighting.

Array functions for AngularJs

This directive allow to load and render some image through various EXIF orientation flags, in both landscape and portrait orientation.

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STL viewer with jsc3d lib

Painless form validation for AngularJS. Powered by the jQuery Validation Plugin.

Angular module for verifying phone numbers with Twilio's SMSs

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FireAuth is a project uses Firebase and AngularJS and provides OAuth examples. IT implements users logging with Facebook, Twitter, Github and Google. Please visit the project site and test it before download it

Intercept a specific http request, show a loading message and a specific http status messages.