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A highly customizable set of directives for AngularJS to create and display validation messages for forms, and increase your app's usability.

AngularJS service that gives you a collection of methods for knowing more about your client browser

A really simple directive for a routing number search field

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Angular validation library

Wrapping plugin into AngularJS directive to make it easy to work with and use in AngularJS projects

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AngularJS Directive for Google Analytics Embed API

Adds .update and .mistake method to promises returned by $q service

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AngularJS directive that sets up a responsive fullscreen gallery

angular-fancy-modal - the definitive modal/popup/dialog solution for AngularJS.

This module converts request parameters to the odata format.

The angular version of Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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A directive that takes in a vimeo or a youtube url and converts it into an embedded friendly url and the displays it.

AngularJS module to extend UI Bootstrap's Datepicker directive to allow for multiple date selections.

Taking the features of Linq to AngularJS