A jQuery plugin for simple lightboxes with zoom effect.
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Zoomify is a jQuery plugin for simple lightboxes with zoom effect.

Check out the examples page: http://indrimuska.github.io/zoomify.

Zoomify: jQuery Plugin for lightboxes



Enable zoomify via JavaScript:


Property | Type | Default | Description ---|---|---|--- duration | integer | 200 | Transition duration in milliseconds. easing | string | "linear" | Transition property name. scale | float | 0.9 | If the image is bigger than the size of the page, it represent the maximum zoom scale according to page width/height (from 0 to 1).

Options can be passed via data attributes or JavaScript. For data attributes, append the option name to data-, as in data-duration="".


Method | Description ---|--- zoom | Starts a zoom-in or a zoom-out transformation depending on the state of the image. zoomIn | Starts a zoom-in transformation. zoomOut | Starts a zoom-out transformation. reposition | Calculates the correct position of the image and moves it at the center of the visible part of page.

Example of call the zoomIn() method: javascript $('#myImage').zoomify('zoomIn');


Event | Description ---|--- zoom-in.zoomify | Fired before each zoom-in transformation. zoom-in-complete.zoomify | Fired after each zoom-in transformation. zoom-out.zoomify | Fired before each zoom-out transformation. zoom-out-complete.zoomify | Fired after each zoom-out transformation.


Copyright (c) 2015 Indri Muska. Licensed under the MIT license.

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