wizardConjurer is an angular wizard control that allows you to use your own directives with minimal customization as individual steps within the wizard. wizardConjurer provides a directive that supports transclusion of your directives when nested, but does not require inherited scope or a required parent controller, instead you inject the service into your directives and use the service api for all communication between your directives and the wizard-control directive.

The wizardServiceApi in wizardConjurer provides methods for creating multiple wizards and customizing the steps. wizardConjurer provides the following features (see Service API Details section for the wizard object definition):

Create and delete multiple named wizards Create as many steps as needed Store step specific data Provide custom call back fucntion on finish Navigate via next and previous buttons Navigate via navigation bar You can also manage the state for individual steps:

Can enter a step Can exit a step Step has changes Step is complete Step is the first step Step is the last step

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